Our pledge to you!

The 'snoo' in Snoonet defines our network - it stems from the reddit alien, its likeness plastered over every single subreddit, as a symbol for communities large and small. Snoonet was created for them. A safe meeting grounds for any group or individual who chooses to come here. As Snoonet continues to grow we will stay dedicated to our mission that has been defined, not by us but by you, the users.

Within Snoonet's staff our goal is to stay in touch with the communities, to provide better IRC services, and to promote growth and relations within the communities themselves. No wants, needs or suggestions shall go unnoticed.

Our Current Goals (Jan/2013)

We will be launching a large-scale webchat made by prawnsalad - www.kiwiirc.com - To be easily integrated with Reddit Enhancement Suite. The integration will not be intrusive, and will be easily turned off for the uninterested. You may view our webchat at http://webchat.snoonet.org - We understand IRC is a very old protocol, but many features are to come from Snoonet, and its webchat services. The protocol is best utilized by how the client uses it, and we aim to make the best chat atmosphere possible!